Best Gun Safe 2018 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide and Reviews


Looking for a safe to protect your guns from burglars or Kids? But finding it difficult to choose one. We are here to help !!!

Our handpicked list of Best Gun Safe 2018 will help you choose the best one for your needs.

This list of top 10 gun safes is compiled after researching online and spending hours in testing these gun safes.

Best Gun Safe 2017

Best Gun Safe 2018

In addition to being top rated gun safes, the below mentioned products are best gun safe under 500 bucks.


Top Gun Safes List

Best Gun Safe Reviews:

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 - Great Design, Biometric and Fireproof

With a biometric fingerprint scanner, you can be rest assured that you are receiving the best rated gun safes that provides fire proof safe and value for your buck.

It not just retains your handgun safe, secure and prepared for action but also offers a radical design. It is the supreme choice for a home or business considering for auxiliary security.

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe

Safe can be permanently fit in the desired location by mounting it with a set of instructions and screws provided with the kit to achieve a perfect concealment.

The scanner grasps up to 120 discrete fingerprints and a fast activation drop down drawer is mounted for fast access. You can access this handgun even when the keypad or battery power fails due to the presence of additional back up key.



  • Foolproof programmable electronic entry with a physical key backup.
  • Nice white internal floodlight.
  • You can turn on or off the keypad beep sound.
  • The white internal floodlight might be too bright for some people.
  • Low battery warning only works if you touch a keypad button.
  • Should come with longer wood screws for secure mounting.

With a fingerprint gun safe program in addition to a combination for speedy entry, this safe has a programmable digital keypad with zero audible response and an override key. Compression gas strut unlocks the door and clasps it open for single-handed admittance even in restricted spaces.  No frills design allows access to firearm easily on the go.

Best Small Gun Safe

The safe comes with two mounting holes, screws and washers to mount the safe to a compact object. It permits swift access to a handgun while helping preserve the weapon secure from children and other unauthorised users.



  • Have holes for wall or floor mounting.
  • One does not have to fumble with keys or combinations.
  • Easy to program.
  • Glue used to install foam lining is not good and can be of better quality
  • The distinctive sound of the gas strut opening the lid can be disturbing for certain people.

Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe - Large Storage space, Detachable interior & 5 year warranty

This premium product sets the standard for the rest of the gun safe business. The built-in computer blocks access after recurrent incorrect keypad entries and audio feedback authorises each precise keypad entry.

This unique gun safe mounts virtually anywhere, in any direction. The protective foam-lined interior clamps an extra storage volume and a detachable interior shelf.

Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe

It would work finest if you want a product to protect a handgun from small children and still permit rapid access when required.

It only requires a couple of seconds to access your firearm yet it is very tenable from prying hands so you can leave it loaded securely.



  • Enough space to fit multiple pistols
  • Provides enough security so that guns are away from kids
  • It is easy and quick to open.
  • Provides 5 year warranty.
  • You might find some trouble in programming the code.
  • Some of the customers faced Keypad/Combination lock issues after months of use.

Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe PB1 - Strong, High Quality & Life time manufacturer warranty

Strength and Dependability are two words that best describe this gorgeously crafted Pistol Box. Not only is this secure but also independent of a battery that is intended to fail when access is most desirable.

This is designed more heftily and made of much better constituents. This has a weightier gauge steel than most trivial safes, and it is substantial for its size!

Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe PB1

The vintage silver powder coat finish provides a sturdy yet attractive look that generates a sense of strength and eminence. The interior is lined with foam in the style of egg crate to help shield your valuables and guns from mutilation or scratches. This system is as unswerving as a master lock.



  • A secure way to store handguns or valuables in your truck.
  • No batteries, no beeping, no electronic malfunctions, no worries!
  • This safe is well built and will grip a Glock 17 with astretched magazine.
  • Life time Warranty provided. Built in USA
  • Customer service is a bit disappointing
  • The piston makes a bit of noise.
  • Not water/ fireproof.

V-Line Top Draw Security Case - Portable, Multi gun storage & High Quality

If you need rock-hard security and peace of mind, you will not find a better worth than this. If you want to keep kids out of your stuff or daunt burglary then this is the box for you.

The Top Draw safe is a robust, quality security box of the gun safe made in USA.

Security case holds an easily programmable five-button Simplex mechanical lock. The system does not encapsulate any battery. The structure can accommodate at least two pistols along with other valuables.

V-Line Top Draw Security Case

Fine textured semi-gloss coating of a black powder finishes a fabricated steel construction. Top and bottom are protected by foam lining that allows the contents to be securely placed.



  • Meets the standards of Dept of Justice & CA
  • Excellent locking mechanism.
  • Solid construction.
  • Fast to access.
  • Well-built security case does not require batteries.
  • The lid is heavy.
  • Buttons and knobs can be hard to push.

Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe - Easy to Program, Good Looking & RFID access

This gun safe with a versatile design is sturdy and well-constructed and comes with easy to understand instruction manuals. The best thing about this is that its key presses do not create a beep sound. 

The interior of the safe is equipped with foam padding that can securely place your pistols along with other valuable possessions. It not only provides an ease of access during emergencies but also has a high-quality finish which gives it a pleasant look.


Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe

 This safe offers manifold access options along with the reckless and touch-free entry.

Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe lets you open your safe in the blink of an eye, as it is the first safe that uses patent-pending Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for prompt access. This facilitates instant opening of safe by placing the RFID bracelet or card over the reader.



  • Decent price and customer service.
  • Easy set up.
  • Fast, Touch-Free Entry.
  • Child-Resistant Design.
  • The control panel is finished of such fragile plastic that it will be easily crumpled.
  • It could be a little quieter.
  • Should come with a RFID ring instead of bracelets.

This is the most unfailing biometric entry system obtainable, with superlative accurateness and the lowermost fail-rate on the market. Liberty is known for excellence and stands behind the HDX models by proposing a 5-year replacement warranty on any imperfections.

Best Biometric Gun Safe

Offering speed and security when you need it most, the safe is built with strong 14 guage steel door. You will be very satisfied with the finger scanner and can feel extremely assured that the safe will open in the mid of the night when you need the most.

Biometric finger swipe technology can accommodate fifteen different fingerprints. Liberty stands for its quality and trust to safeguard your ammunitions and family.



  • Easy to program.
  • Opens extremely fast.
  • It is compact but big enough for a couple of handguns or miscellaneous items.
  • Seems very sturdy.
  • It is tricky to find the button inside to program the fingerprints.
  • Interior light is blue which affects night vision negatively. They could offer a red light instead

V-Line Top Draw Locking Tactical Gun Storage Box - Attractive, Mechanical Lock & Durable

The Tactical Top Draw comes with a Simplex lock, which is extremely easy to operate. There is no need to worry about the batteries as it opens with five push button mechanical lock. Great finishing with a black V line logo and textured black powder coating gives it an attractive look.

V-Line Top Draw Locking Tactical Gun Storage Box

It provides an ideal protection for your weapons and possessions due to a heavy foam interior present in the gun safe box. A tough security from prying looks is ensured as the lid cover almost half of the box.

The unit also encompasses square and round punched holes in the base so that it can be bolted down onto most horizontal surfaces using bolts.



  • Changing the combination is not hard
  • Spacious enough for your needs.
  • No electronics or extra key.
  • Sturdy case with a solid lock.
  • The top metal drawer rests on a metal surface that will eventually rub the finish off a very small amount in an unnoticeable place when the safe is closed.
  • Padding is a little thick.

Shotlock Handgun 200 Mechanical Safe - Cheapest and the Best Gun Safe for the money

This shotlock handgun safe exists in two versions- Electromechanical and Mechanical versions. The elite features include  flanged no pry lid, double internal locking hooks, transportlever, defensive felt inner liner, including key override and no break lock clutch.

The shotlock handgun will house up to a full-framed handgun. An inordinate lock box is stress-free to organize the combination and durable enough to keep little ones away in the house.

Best budget friendly gun safe

A retractable carrying handle is attached to it that adds to its portability feature. Its operation is purely mechanical with practically no worries of wires or batteries. You can derive a perfect balance of voluntarily obtaining the firearm when needed along with keeping them away from wrong hands.

The system is provided with a key back up feature for the operation of the vault. Shotlock handgun provides a perfect blend of straight forwardness and solidarity in its operation mechanism. At its price, it is also the best cheap gun safe available in the market



  • Easy to configure the combination.
  • Sturdy enough to keeps little ones away from ammunition
  • No batteries needed.
  • Cannot be recommended as a portable unit.
  • Key lock mechanism is less functional.
  • Keeping the keys secured is a burden itself.

Stealth Portable Handgun Safe PS1210EZ Pistol Box - The Best Gun Safe on the market

This handgun safe is easily transportable and can be fixed easily into your car. Beating the bulkiness and weight of other typical handgun safes, this one is surprisingly lightweight without compromising on protection factors.  It holds a carrying handle made up of hinged steel that offers it a look of a metal briefcase.

The five-button mechanical lock work is extremely impressive and there is no beep or noise on pressing the buttons.

The Best Gun Safe on the market

The system does not require any indulgence of batteries or keys. You can set any combination of key presses to open this simplex mechanical lock.

It is resistant to hard punch and is severely protected with pry points and hinges. Furthermore, entering various incorrect and failed combination of key presses does not lock the safe because Simplex lock does not keep a track of failed combination attempts.



  • Solidly built.
  • Sturdy.
  • No electronics or biometrics to fail.
  • Perfect size for a handgun.
  • Not a heavy-duty safe.

The Final Judgment

In the event you are a gun owner wanting to purchase a gun safe, you have got perhaps seen an assortment of models that are designed with pioneering technologies.

Nevertheless, how do you comprehend which gun safe is ideal? What I feel is that Stealth Portable Handgun Safe would work as the premier quality safe with an immaculate locking mechanism. The feature of lock encasing offers a punch resistant security feature.

Extremely elegant finishing and a relevant feature of highly secure firearm storage makes this gun safe efficient in all ways. Moreover, it provides a combination of convenience and reliability. This aspect is crucial as this can be used for placing other valuables like jewellery, cash and other significant documents in addition to firearms.

Gun Safe Buying Guide

What is the best gun safe?

The Best Gun Safe is one that does not just offer security but further more enables rapid admittance to your gun and provides extreme functionality. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when purchasing a gun safe.

  • There is no point in being thrifty on quality gun safes and what will set one safe from another will be the security features. The utmost elementary are those that use combination locks.
  • Opportunely, many best quality gun safes nowadays have voice activation capabilities. With voice recognition, security will be guaranteed.
  • Other security procedures comprise fingerprint biometric scanning and numeric gun safe locks using a keypad, analogous to burglar alarm systems. Check out our buyers guide on Biometric Fingerprint gun safe.
  • How long do you need the safe to be fireproof? Fireproof gun safes assortment varies from one to three hours burn time before it can infiltrate the innards of the safe.
  • Discover a model that has a light that is effortlessly replaceable for the long period.
  • At the very least, it has to be fire and water resilient and capable of enduring heavy blows.

The additional features you wish your safe to have, the more expensive it would be. You should always attempt to spend as much as you can contentedly afford on a security safe. The bottom line is there are numerous digital top-quality gun safes for sale. When you implement these instructions, you will find the accurate one very rapidly.